DIGS Associates

 "Setting a HIGHER Standard for Drainage Water Management" 

Dave Opperman - Logan County, IL
Land Owner / Farmer
“Initially, there were concerns the project would never materialize due to the volume of acreage and the number of landowners involved in the watershed.  DIGS was able to get the group to work collectively to complete the project.  DIGS provided the necessary oversight from start to finish.  I am now driving by farm and it is pretty amazing.  I don’t see a single pond on it and the neighbors who weren’t involved in the project have water standing.  I really like what I see.  What a difference tile makes!” 

Roger L Leach, CCA, AFM, ACC

Vice President, Farm Manager

US Bank, Farm and Ranch Management

“Drainage projects can be very complicated tasks especially when dealing with large watersheds that contain multiple landowners.  DIGS has developed a unique process which is expedient, reputable, and cost effective.  They have the experience and resources to handle all types of drainage issues, and they oversee the project from start to finish.  As a farm manager, I have found their process to be smooth, seamless and effective."

Contractors hired by DIGS:

“DIGS has developed a new and innovative process for drainage projects.  They have simplified things by removing much of the legwork for the contractor.  Those necessary, but time consuming tasks are completed by DIGS, so all I have to do is show up and start installation.  Working with DIGS through this process is a welcome change to the way I’ve always operated.”

“When I was contacted by DIGS regarding a drainage project they had already met with all the interested parties, collected the data needed, designed the appropriate plan, and were ready to schedule installation.  They made sure all materials were delivered to the job site and helped us with on-site project management.  DIGS Associates is a great addition to the drainage water management industry.”