DIGS Associates

 "Setting a HIGHER Standard for Drainage Water Management" 

Here is how WE can help YOU!

Objective Third Party  Company

DIGS Associates’ main concern is the integrity of your project.  We have developed alliances with industry leaders, but those relationships are contingent upon their continued integrity and professionalism.  Our ultimate priority is your drainage project and maximizing every dollar invested.

Checks and Balances

DIGS Associates partners themselves with quality professional contractors and reputable drainage suppliers and manufactures.  We have a unique process that allows for multiple industry leaders to assist in the implementation of your drainage water management project. This allows numerous individuals with high levels of experience to ensure the quality execution of meeting and exceeding your drainage goals.

Professional Survey, Quality Material Sourcing, and Drainage Design

DIGS has the appropriate equipment to adequately collect and share data with industry leading contractors.  We also have the experience and relationships with multiple manufactures and suppliers of drainage materials.  DIGS sets a high standard for our suppliers, and we expect them to uphold minimum standards.

Mutual Projects and Large Shared Mains

It can be an arduous and tricky situation when working with neighbors and other landowners to achieve the same goal.  At DIGS Associates we focus on the drainage goals of each concerned party and offer multiple ways to assess fair and equitable shared costs for each respective owner. 

We can also assist in the implementation or replacement of district mains, as well as, the implementation or replacement of large individually owned mains.